Learn From The King, How Would Elvis Negotiate? admin January 29, 2012

Learn From The King, How Would Elvis Negotiate?

A short article this week, inspired by a story I read about Elvis.

At the beginning of his career, Elvis actually had stage fright. The first time he performed to a live audience, when he was 19, he was so nervous his left leg shook visibly. Other than that, though, the performance went well and, at the break, he came off stage and asked his producer why the girls were screaming.

“They’re going crazy for your leg! It’s driving them wild, don’t stop!” He went back on and shook the other leg too. Hips have never been the same since.

Do you have a weakness that is holding you back? Maybe its not a weakness, after all, maybe it’s a strength, you just haven’t seen it that way yet.

Like many things, negotiation is a confidence sport. So much of your results depend on your confidence. Sometimes it is the worrying about the weakness that makes it so. Chill out, and you will free up and perform much better.


  • Are you a bit too generous? Maybe that’s not a bad thing, maybe people appreciate that and give you more back in return.
  • Are you nervous before the meeting? Maybe that inspires you to prepare thoroughly.
  • Are you quiet in a negotiation? Maybe that gives you the space to do a lot of listening.
  • Are you afraid of conflict? Maybe that keeps conversations alive when otherwise they would ignite and explode.
  • Do you worry too much about not getting what you want? Maybe that gives you the motivation to hold fast and get your best deal.
  • Do you not worry enough about getting what you want? Maybe that lets you relax and, paradoxically, increase your chances of getting your best deal.
  • Do you come out of the meeting, wishing you had said x? Maybe that is exactly how you learn to negotiate better the next time.

Just putting it out there. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves. Relax and we can get better results. It worked for Elvis, look what happened to his career after that.

Vegas? Bring it on!