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We are a centre of excellence in the field of negotiation

Our approach to negotiation is the same whether it is a major set-piece deal or the myriad of micro-negotiations we do on a daily basis and it is an approach that gets beyond-ordinary results over an extended period of time. It is built on experience, research and best practice in the field and enables great outcomes even in the toughest of situations.

Get your Best Deal

Richard Branson bought Necker Island at a 95% discount. We believe this kind of deal is available. But it is not easy. Our methods will show you how to get a far better deal than you thought possible.

Build Relationships

Many people think good negotiation involves squeezing the other party. We don’t. We believe that, in the long run, helping the other party achieve their goals is key to getting the best result for yourself.

Achieve Your Goals

So, if you can get a brilliant deal and build great relationships at the same time, you will be able to achieve your goals, organisational or in outside life, far better and far quicker than you would imagine.


At heart, we are a training company working with all kinds of organisations to improve their negotiation skills. We run workshops from a 1 hour key-note to a 10 day certification programme. So whether you are a law firm, a bank, a charity or anything in-between, we will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Our Negotiation AI
We’ve trained a ChatGPT-style AI bot on our material so it can answer any question you have about negotiation. For example, how to know if you can trust someone? How to get a pay-rise? You’re buying a house and you want them to drop the price? Should you be collaborative or competitive? Which negotiation tactics are the best?


Our Products
In-house Training
Could your staff benefit by learning better negotiation skills? Whether it is with clients, suppliers or other external stakeholders or even with internal colleagues, negotiating successfully is a key factor in business success.
Do you have an important negotiation coming up? Maybe it’s a payrise or a tricky house purchase and you need some help. Email us and find out how our coaching product works.

Take a look at Simon’s best-selling books, including “Change Their Mind: 6 Steps to Persuade Anyone Anytime”, his brand new book on ethical influencing

Some videos for your pleasure
Why Everything You Knew About Negotiation Was Wrong
Watch this video to see why most people’s core assumptions about negotiation are actually incorrect and how they would get much better results if they took a different approach.
A Couple of Coaching Success Stories
See how our coaching might be able to get you a pay-rise or increase your rates.
A recent interview on Australian Breakfast TV
I was interviewed on Australia’s Channel 9 Breakfast TV programme, The Today Show. Here’s a little snippet from it talking about flattery and talking about pay-rises. It’s a bit of fun.

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