Change Their Mind

Change Their Mind admin June 4, 2022
What are the books about?
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Change Their Mind
Find out about the exciting new book about ethical influencing, a powerful new approach that even works in extreme circumstances!
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6 Steps To Persuade Anyone Anytime

Watch the video to find out the 6 steps you need to follow to persuade anyone anytime

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The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation

Find out the simple method to reach win-win results even with the toughest of negotiators.

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Contributor Interviews

In ‘Change Their Mind’,  I interviewed lots of great negotiators and master influencers to find out how they work. There’s interviews with billionaires, British Lords, politicians, people who negotiated peace treaties, hostage negotiators, dating coaches, people hackers, forensic interviewers and many more.

Here’s a few clips for you to enjoy and there’s a lot more clips on the resources page in return for your email address.

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How To Resolve A Prison Riot!

Gary Noesner, ex-Chief of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit, featured in the Netflix series ‘Waco’, tells us about how he brought a prison riot to a peaceful end.

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People Hacking – The Ethical Way

Jenny Radcliffe, security expert and ‘people hacker’, tells us how to use psychology in an ethical way to get them to open doors for you.

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Mending The Relationship

Jo Hemmings, Relationship Coach and award-winning Dating Coach, tells us how she was able to help one couple get their relationship back on track