Book reviews in the press admin November 11, 2012

Book reviews in the press


Since the book was published two months ago, there have been a number of reviews in the press and I thought I would collate them here. Fortunately, all of them have been positive, including being the Institute of Director’s Book of the Month, so I’m quite happy to include them!

If you don’t have time to read the full reviews, I’ve caught the summing-up sentences here and I’ve posted the full reviews at the bottom of the page. Other articles in the press (ie, anything that isn’t a review of the book) can be found here.


  • “In short, an interesting read, packed with takeaways, anecdotes and action points. There should be something for everyone to learn from in this handy little paperback.” – HR Magazine, September 2012,
  • “In other hands this could easily become psycho-babble but Horton’s subject mastery and easy style always keep it interesting” – PQ Magazine, November 2012,
  • “Horton gives practical advice on how you can get the best deal from any situation – either in the office or in your spare time.” Director Magazine (Book of the Month), November 2012,
  • “The thoughtful negotiator will find much to reflect upon in these pages. Recommended” – The Negotiator Magazine, November 2012,
  • “Negotiation Mastery is a practical and highly entertaining read whether you are a career negotiator or just wish your skills were a little stronger. I highly recommend ordering a copy.” – Buyer’s Meeting Point, September 2012,
  • “This excellent book…very informative, with detailed background to the theories it outlines…both useful and thought-provoking. Highly recommended”. FAB Women in Business, FAB Women in Business Review


Some of the source articles aren’t online or require a subscription so I’ve posted them here.

Negotiation Mastery Book Review