New Negotiation Video Series admin October 27, 2020

New Negotiation Video Series

Evil Dolphins, Dick Van Dyke and Win-Win Negotiation

Negotiations: Win-win or win-lose?

How to get the best result from your negotiation

So, over the years, I’ve made a lot of videos on my favourite topic of negotiation – some have made the light of day, some haven’t, some have but in different guises and channels.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to make them all available in one place and I’m also going to make a whole load of new ones and release those too.

Great news, eh!

And, to make it a bit more interesting (as part of the tease!), I’m going to release them weekly here as well as on other social media. It should take a good couple of years to release them all.

Many will be very practical ‘how to’ videos, others will be entertaining stories from the world of negotiations in business, diplomacy or wherever. They should all be informative and they should all be interesting.

Some of them are already on my Youtube channel but many aren’t yet and I will add them as I go.

Starting off with this one, Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Negotiation Is Wrong. It was made a couple of years ago. It uses evil dolphins, Dick Van Dyke and a fun game to demonstrate why the win-win approach in negotiations is the best approach even for selfish reasons.

Do feel free to share, and I would love to hear any questions or comments you have so do post them underneath – here or on Youtube.

Hope you like it!