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If you’re looking for negotiation training you are in exactly the right place. We specialise in teaching people to become great negotiators and we believe our courses are up there with the best in the world.

Whether your organisation needs to improve its negotiating skills or you need some help with a deal coming up, we can help. Let us bring our experience and expertise, gleaned from 25 years with some of the biggest and best organisations in the world, to help you get your best deal.

We are a centre of excellence in the field of negotiation

Our approach to negotiation is the same whether it is a major set-piece deal or the myriad of micro-negotiations we do on a daily basis and it is an approach that gets beyond-ordinary results over an extended period of time. It is built on experience, research and best practice in the field and enables great outcomes even in the toughest of situations.

Get your Best Deal

Richard Branson bought Necker Island at a 95% discount. We believe this kind of deal is available. But it is not easy. Our methods will show you how to get a far better deal than you thought possible.

Build Relationships

Many people think good negotiation involves squeezing the other party. We don’t. We believe that, in the long run, helping the other party achieve their goals is key to getting the best result for yourself.

Achieve Your Goals

So, if you can get a brilliant deal and build great relationships at the same time, you will be able to achieve your goals, organisational or in outside life, far better and far quicker than you would imagine.


At heart, we are a training company working with all kinds of organisations to improve their negotiation skills. We run workshops from a 1 hour key-note to a 10 day certification programme. So whether you are a law firm, a bank, a charity or anything in-between, we will be able to help you achieve your goals.

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The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation, published by the Financial Times

Negotiation is THE core business skill. It is fundamental to everything we do that involves other people, whether that’s asking for a raise, pitching an idea or deciding who gets the coffee.

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Negotiation In The Workplace

We negotiate with our colleagues all the time. Getting great win-win results with them quickly and easily is the key to building a high-performing team and a high-performing organisation. View our app that will help you achieve exactly that.

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Do you have an important negotiation coming up? Maybe it’s a payrise or a tricky house purchase and you need some help. Email us and find out how our coaching product works.

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Some videos for your pleasure

Why Everything You Knew About Negotiation Was Wrong

Watch this video to see why most people’s core assumptions about negotiation are actually incorrect and how they would get much better results if they took a different approach.

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A Couple of Coaching Success Stories

See how our coaching might be able to get you a pay-rise or increase your rates.

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A recent interview on Australian Breakfast TV

I was interviewed on Australia's Channel 9 Breakfast TV programme, The Today Show. Here's a little snippet from it talking about flattery and talking about pay-rises. It's a bit of fun.

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March 30, 2017

Are we there yet?

Is a Brexit deal finally in sight and what does it look like?   And it is upon us. Article 50 has been  triggered, the clock is ticking and we have two years to reach an agreement on the Brexit divorce settlement and, perhaps, too, the future relationship between the UK and the EU. So … Continue reading “Are we there yet?”

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March 19, 2017

Brexit Negotiations – Good or Bad So Far?

And is David Davis Macchiavelli’s proud heir? Almost exactly nine months from the referendum and with Article 50 to be triggered any day, perhaps it is time to appraise the progress in the Brexit negotiations so far. It’s not quite half-term in the proceedings but perhaps a school report card is in order. How well … Continue reading “Brexit Negotiations – Good or Bad So Far?”

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March 12, 2017

Can we trust people?

  Can you trust people? You’re buying a car, you’re lending a friend some money, you’re negotiating a contract with a supplier – they’re promising lots of great things but are you being naïve? Anyone who has read my work or been on one of my courses will know I’m a firm believer of the … Continue reading “Can we trust people?”

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January 3, 2017

Happy New Year, There Are Grounds For Optimism!

2016 was an ‘interesting’ year, perhaps interesting as in the Chinese curse, and there was a lot of doom and gloom around. And yet the new year begins and maybe there are more grounds for optimism than we imagine. In actual fact, the world is far better than ever before. There are less wars, there … Continue reading “Happy New Year, There Are Grounds For Optimism!”

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